Skiathos boat trips: exploring by sea

Skiathos boat trips: exploring by sea

A very enjoyable activity for anyone who visits Skiathos island is to go on day Skiathos boat trips to explore magnificent beaches, exotic waters and secluded areas of great natural beauty around the island. There are also boat trips and yacht cruises to the nearby islands of Skopelos and Alonissos.

Boat trips are offered from early spring till late autumn and mostly depart from the old and new port of Skiathos Town, where visitors can also find welcoming Skiathos accommodation.


Boat trip to Castle and Lalaria

The northern part of Skiathos is not particularly tourist developed and remains untouched. Boasting some of the most extraordinary landscapes of the island, such as Lalaria beach, it is an ideal destination for boat tours. The most popular of these Skiathos boat trips is the one to Lalaria and the Medieval Castle.

Lalaria beach is a secluded cove, reached only by boat, with soft white pebbles and amazing rock formations. The waters there are crystalline and perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Close to Lalaria are the ruins of the medieval castle town of Skiathos, constructed by the locals in the 14th century for defense against pirate raids. The remains of the fortress and a few preserved chapels can be accessed by ascending the cliff and the journey takes about 30-50 minutes. Down at the foot of the hill there is a beautiful small shore, where visitors can have a refreshing swim.



Trip to Skopelos

Sail around the lovely island of Skopelos, perfect for families or romantic couples, with one of the best Skiathos boat trips. The yacht or boat tour from Skiathos new port to Skopelos is an excellent chance to combine the two islands. Tourists get the chance to visit the most beautiful places in Skopelos and swim in fantastic beaches, such as the wonderful Panormos bay or the secluded Elias beach.

The trip also includes visits to the main villages of Town and Glossa, both built on hilltops, overlooking the magical blue waters of the Aegean sea. Get around these settlements and visit the numerous churches and chapels for a wholly cultural experience. There is also a tour along the south coast of Skopelos, which takes tourists to some of the filming sites of the celebrated Mamma Mia movie.


Skopelos and Alonissos

Apart from the daily Skiathos boat trips to Skopelos, there is also the option of a two-island boat excursion, which includes both Skopelos and the neighbouring Alonissos island of the Sporades complex. These two islands, ideal for family and lounge holidays, are famous for their green surroundings, friendly hospitality and crystalline waters.

The boat tour from Skiathos allows tourists to explore stunning sandy or pebbled coves around these islands, swim in exotic blue seas, like Rousoum Gialos, and visit important villages, such as Chora and Patitiri in Alonissos and Skopelos Town, distinguished for its picturesque Venetian architecture and cobbled streets. Boats and yachts depart in the morning from the old harbour in the town of Skiathos and head to these wonderful destinations.

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