Activities in Skiathos: give a touch of adventure to your holidays

Activities in Skiathos: give a touch of adventure to your holidays

If you are looking for adventure and fun during your stay on the island, there is a great variety of exciting activities in Skiathos for energetic holidays.

Due to its high tourist development and cosmopolitan flair, Skiathos is excellently organized with many facilities, for example water sports and sailing yachts, departing from Skiathos town, where our lovely apartments are situated.

Diving and water sports centres are found in most of the famous beaches and there are also many hiking trails around the island that lead through pine forests to secluded beaches and interesting historical sights.



Sailing is one if the most popular activities in Skiathos, as the conditions of the waters and the wind are ideal. Many sailing boats are offered at the port of Skiathos town or at popular beaches, which you can hire to explore magnificent secluded shores around the island, like Lygaries, and enjoy the crystalline sea. The southern part of the island is more recommended for novice sailors, as the conditions are smoother.

There are also many organized daily sailing trips and yacht trips that travel to inaccessible beaches and close islands, such as Skopelos and Alonissos. This is a great way to discover Skiathos surroundings, while unwinding. Most sailing cruises run from April to October.




For nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts, Skiathos may seem as a paradise on earth, boasting 24 well signposted walking trails that pass through untouched landscapes of exquisite beauty and historical sites.

There are many different trekking options for all tastes. You can choose from adventure, wine tasting or medical herbs walks, and from footpaths that go from one secluded beach to another or lead to impressive monasteries, old chapels and magical fountains.

April, May, September and October are the ideal months for trekking in Skiathos, due to more moderate temperatures. There are also organized walks offered, the most popular of which include the trail from Skiathos town to the monastery of Evengelistria and the Castle, as well as the route from Megali Ammos beach to the monastery of Kehria.



The southern coast of the island, protected from strong winds, is the perfect spot for water sports, one of the favourite activities in Skiathos. Most of the popular southern beaches are organized with water sport centres. Megali Ammos is the most excellently organized beach with many facilities for fun games, followed by Koukounaries, Kanapitsa, Ahladies, Agia Eleni and Vromolimnos.

There is a huge selection of exciting and adventurous sports, such as water skiing, wakboarding, several rides, like ski boat or banana slide, and jet skiing. Water sports lessons and all equipment are provided on site.

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