A walk around Skiathos Town: what to see and do

A walk around Skiathos Town: what to see and do

Skiathos Town, being the main village of Skiathos island, is also its cultural and entertainment centre. A cosmopolitan settlement, it offers all kinds of activities and many shopping and nightlife venues.

In Skiathos Town you can also find amazing hotels and Skiathos family rooms to enjoy a pleasurable stay, close to all attractions. Highlights of the town are its charming port, lined up with cafes and bars for a night drink, the historical old part of the city with interesting stores and the museum of Papadiamantis, and the nearby beaches, like Megali Ammos.


Shopping in Old Town

The cosmopolitan old town of Skiathos is the perfect place for shopping. There are many tourist shops, clothes and shoes shops, but also a great variety of small shops with local art and folklore items.

Stroll along the narrow paved streets of the Old Town, located above the port of Skiathos, and visit elegant mansions, which have been turned into lovely stores with all kinds of antiques, collectibles, and high quality local products.

Many shops can be found along Papadiamantis street, ranging from designer boutiques to handmade jewellery and souvenir shops. The majority of the shopping venues stay open until 10pm, so you can enjoy evening shopping, as well.


Visit House of Papadiamantis

One of the most important sights of Skiathos Town is the 19th century house of Alexandros Papadiamantis, a very famous modern Greek author and ethicist from Skiathos. The house, where Papadiamantis grew up and eventually died in 1911, has been turned into a modern museum with original exhibits from his life.

Situated on a narrow street, close to the eastern coast of town, it is a simple island house with small spaces and cell-like rooms. Inside the museum, a large collection of his personal items and works are displayed, along with folk antique items of the 19th century.


Have a night drink

When the night comes, relax and have a night drink in one of the numerous bars in Skiathos Town. There are two popular entertainment spots in town, where locals and tourists gather to drink, have fun, chat and dance.

Specifically, most bars and nightclubs are concentrated in the main street Papadiamanti or at the seafront around the port. There is also a large path in the old town with lovely bars with outdoor colourful pillows for seats, where you can enjoy a late night drink.


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